The training that we develop is tailored to your reality, to your needs and to the improvement of the employees' competences.

These services are an additional tool for those who have to operate and maintain the infrastructure on a daily basis.

Global Project Management Services

Project management techniques and processes are used to manage resources in order to achieve predictable results.

Based on best practices, RLT assumes itself as a provider of global project management services. This service has the advantage of having a unique interlocutor for the Client, responsible for the coordination of the various entities involved in the project (internal and external) and a single responsible for eventual penalties that are defined contractually.

Application Development Services

Our Application Development Services offer consulting know-how and the delivery of application development projects.

All this translates into a set of services for the design, development and maintenance of solutions and services focused on the development of mobile applications, web pages, middleware and databases adapted to the needs of customers.

Multivendor Sourcing Services

Aware of the multiplicity of technologies implemented in the infrastructures of our Customers, we have been developing more and more skills in a wide range of manufacturers.

The costs for the clients to have in-house skills in all the technologies present in their infrastructures are high, in this sense Real Life - Technologies of Information S.A. offers a set of sourcing solutions that can complement the competences of the Client.

Managed Services (Installation, Support and Maintenance)

Real Life Technologies Managed Services is a tool for identifying and correcting your day-to-day problems, proactively checking equipment configuration, and getting the most return on your investments. These are based on 4 large structures:

Service Center;
Technical Services;
Logistic Services;
Real Life Collaborative Services.

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