Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the enormous transformation that ICTs have imposed on the world market. Indeed, this phenomenon stands out in three essential sectors:

Business applications have changed customer expectations regarding service availability and pricing policy.

The very rapid development of technology and structural changes in the global financial market have put additional pressure on companies to reduce operating costs, develop new services, expand into emerging markets, and better risk management.


Service Providers

Real Life Technologies delivers products and solutions that help telecom operators to increase the performance and capacity of their network.

Through Carrier Ethernet services, Real Life Technologies customers have a more scalable network and can provide more innovative services.

Public Sector

Citizens and businesses expect to use public services at least with the same level of satisfaction and competence as the private sector.

There are now public service users in all sectors of society, including those who probably do not have easy access to the Internet, such as the elderly.

As a consequence, different types of access to public services - from home, through the computer, telephone or television - are needed in a citizen's shop, kiosk, or other public administration agency.

RTL can assist the public sector in these challenges and at any level of an ICT project, from consulting to risk management through the development of tailor-made applications, safe infrastructure design.