Meet the New Webex Meetings Desktop Experience

Wondering what’s new in the world of Webex Meetings? We’ve got a lot coming up that we’re excited to share with you. Namely, a brand-new desktop experience for Webex Meetings that’s designed to make your meetings even easier. We have a new desktop app slated to roll out, which will replace Webex Meetings Productivity Tools. It will offer an even better experience … Read More

Artificial Intelligence is a Game Changer for Online Meeting Experiences

Let’s face it, virtual meetings can be painful. Have you ever joined a last-minute meeting only to realize you don’t know who half the people are or what they do? Or participated in a large meeting where someone forgot to hit mute and decides it’s the perfect time to transcribe their doctoral thesis. These are the kinds of meeting experiences … Read More


Meraki APs now integrate with Cisco Umbrella, the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway, to protect wireless clients from malicious online threats The pace at which new security threats are being introduced and propagated online has reached exponential levels, gaining speed with each passing year. Organizations have more locations and devices to protect, and threats are using many different ports to … Read More

Use Map & floor plans to get a big-picture view of your Meraki MV cameras

If you have a lot of cameras on your site, you’re probably familiar with the challenges that come with keeping track of them all. Even with diligent naming conventions and liberal tagging, trying to figure out exactly where a particular camera is located on your site can be frustrating — especially if your cameras sit on multiple floors. Well, worry no more. … Read More

How Hurley Medical Center is saving thousands in annual healthcare costs with the help of G Suite

With G Suite’s cloud-native apps like Gmail and Docs, Hurley employees are able to securely access email and documents from anywhere and any device, no more files saved on the physical desktop. Here’s a snapshot of how Hurley uses G Suite and Chrome Enterprise to transform work: → Hurley employees go paperless with real-time collaboration: Prior to G Suite, Hurley’s in-patient … Read More