Business Strategy

Within the scope of its business area, Real Life Technologies has been increasingly developing its Commercial Strategy, which is essentially based on four main vectors:


Market segmentation;

Value Creation Model;

Technical team.


Our main focus is a constant follow-up of the main accounts of the Operators, Financial and Utilities markets.

To this end, we totally in our duly structured and very objective Commercial Team, which has been increasingly prominent in the market due to the commercial aggression it has produced in the target market segments.

The agreements established to indirectly address the SME market have allowed a significant presence in this segment, and it is not expected that we address it directly in a structured way in a short term.

Market Segmentation

We are recognized in the market as an integrator especially dedicated to the provision of services in operator infrastructures. This status is the result of the strategy followed in the last eight years, always with a view to optimization and profitability of the investments made in human resources and infrastructures.

Nevertheless, in the Enterprise market we have also distinguished ourselves by the good results obtained.

Value Creation Model

Since its foundation, Real Life Technologies has always been keen to present itself to the market with a truly innovative value creation model for its consistency and comprehensiveness.

In fact, the entire company is dedicated to addressing the needs of the Customer. Flexibility, control, reduction of costs are some of the main values ​​that we offer our customers.

Technical Team

The consistency of our offer of services and solutions is based on a greater involvement than the common technical areas in the elaboration of the solutions.

We consider that one of the differentiating and dominant factors of our proposals is the incorporation of the experience and the know-how of resources with high training and technical specialization.